The Civil War Cache Project—Telling Soldier Stories

Connecting Your History Classroom to the Community
Civil War caches are virtual treasure boxes created by students that tell stories of Civil War soldiers and the home front in the North.
Using historical inquiry to create soldier stories fulfills Common Core objectives by engaging students with informational text, primary sources, narrative writing, and presentation of their work. The cache is one of several ways that teachers and students can connect their inquiry to authentic audiences in the community.

A four-lesson unit helps students: adopt a soldier in a local cemetery; construct a soldier portfolio; piece together a larger story of their town during the war; and then upload their findings on this website.

Like geocaches, you can find these history caches by using longitude and latitude and then heading out into the field. When you find the cache, just point your smartphone at the QR code and your virtual treasure box of Civil War history will open. Of course, you can also explore the caches right here in this website.

If you want to make some history caches with students, check out the accompanying lessons and register with us!